How good is 4G

Updated: 2013-08-30 15:10


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Also, your drive to work could be much more predictable as you will be able to access updated traffic information and vehicle conditions with a 4G enabled device. The network can also stream high definition video chatting without pausing. Your smooth video chat with friends will no longer be chained to a Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, you will be able to watch a 3-D live TV program transmitted by 4G based equipment. Many companies are keeping an eye on the latest development of 4G technology due to its vast business potential.

Vice president of Baidu Li Mingyuan said, "The users' experience on many mobile apps, such as property searching app, is limited by bandwidth. They only offer a few small pictures. Multimedia content is key to these apps, so the use of 4G technology will be a game changer."

Chinese mobile carriers could get their 4G licenses as early as next month, which means Chinese consumers will enjoy the comfort brought by 4G networks pretty soon, but many details, such as pricing and which carriers will offer the service still remain unknown.

Zhong Shi: "If you were ever wondering what all the 4G fuss is all about, what you saw should've given you some pretty good answers. Mangmang?"

Wang Mangmang: "Zhong Shi, are you saying that 4G networks and phones will be available to consumers very soon? Are there any hurdles for the new technology to kick in?"

Zhong Shi: "Mangmang, network operators and phone makers will be very eager to push for the early adoption of 4G because the Chinese smartphone market is so large. But they do face some challenges. First, network coverage. Will network operators be able to build enough infrastructure to ensure wide coverage? In Beijing, the 4G network only covers the city center within the 3rd ring road. For million people, including myself that live outside of that area, will think twice before switching to 4G. Second is price. There have not been specifics about how much more 4G services will cost users, which will include the cost of new phones and using data on the new network. But industry insiders say it will almost certainly be more expensive than 3G. So there's some weighing to do as well. Then, there's licenses. It's reported that they could be issued by China's telecom authorities within the year, but no specific date has been set. Without that, 4G phones can't be sold on the market. Back to you, Mangmang."

How good is 4G


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