Odd-even car ban to ease Tianjin pollution

Updated: 2014-05-20 09:33


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TIANJIN - Tianjin will soon control traffic with odd-even emergency response program to deal with serious air pollution.

The Tianjin Municipal Heavy Air Pollution Emergency Response Program was passed on Monday. According to the program, cars, including those from outside Tianjin, will be banned from the road depending on whether their number plates end in odd or even numbers when a red air pollution alert is issued. Police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, emergency repair vehicles, military vehicles, buses and taxis are not subject to the ban.

All the construction work will be suspended, kindergartens, primary and high schools will be suspended, and large outdoor events will be halted during such polluted days. A supervision system will guarantee implementation of the program.

The city will adopt a four-tier color alert system for air pollution. The red alert, the highest level, will be issued if the air quality index (AQI) hits or exceeds 500.

Beijing and Guangzhou already have odd-even restrictions on heavily polluted days.

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Odd-even car ban to ease Tianjin pollution

Odd-even car ban to ease Tianjin pollution

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