Teapot craftsman makes innovation, passes down techniques

Updated: 2016-05-06 12:07


Teapot craftsman makes innovation, passes down techniques

Xie Hua supervises a student, May 5, 2016. [Photo/IC]

In a bid to get more people involved in the traditional craft, Xiebroke the tradition and passed the craft not only to his son but to several hundred of local young people who are all at their 30s or 20s.

One should better learn to make the teapot from childhood, he said.

"At the age of 60, problems of poor eyesight and lack of physical strength crop up. Therefore, you have only a few decades in your life to spend on making the handmade teapot. The sooner to start learning, the better," he added.

"It takes over three years to have an initial grasp of the technique. The process may be faster for some talented ones," he said.

To attract more young people, Xie plans a new studio which covers 2,200 square meters with ancient-styled architecture. The studio, still in construction, will be mainly used for teapot making and exhibition of finished works.

"The craft does not come by if you are eager for quick success and instant benefit. It needs a lot of time," he said.