Taoist principles to salve world ills

Updated: 2011-10-25 20:40


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NANYUE, Hunan - Taoist principles could help address problems including conflicts and inequality, according to a declaration drafted as part of an international Taoism conference concluding Tuesday.

The declaration was composed in Chinese and English on behalf of over 500 delegates who traveled from 21 countries and regions to attend the three-day event at the foot of Mount Hengshan, in Nanyue, Hunan province.

The desires of mankind grow unchecked, which drives people to fight each other for personal gain, making it ever more difficult to reconcile their mutual grievances, according to the document.

These desires disturb the balance between nature and man held as so important by Taoists.

The declaration stressed that the philosophies of Taoism - including adhering to simplicity and truth, honoring and rejoicing in life, joining together in benevolent and charitable love - might help solve these problems.

As a conclusion, it called upon the general public to take responsibility in promoting world peace and harmony between nature and mankind.

"We ought to quiet the mind and reflect upon the self, to follow the path of nature and act kindly toward all things, to diminish the excessive and replenish the lacking, to give way to others and cease all struggles," it said.