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Updated: 2011-12-01 08:04

(China Daily)

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Murder to aid death trip: defendant

A murderer has confessed to killing a woman because he needed money to fund his suicide attempt.

Wei, 26, told a court in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, that he decided to kill himself after being diagnosed with a serious illness.

To get funds to travel to the place he wanted to die, at a nearby mountain, he robbed and then stabbed to death a woman on May 6. He used the same knife in a failed suicide bid several days later.

The victim's parents are demanding 548,000 yuan ($86,400) in compensation.

(New Express Daily)



For grad, breaking up not hard to do

An entrepreneur in Chongqing is offering to break up couples for cash.

Hu Jing, 33, who graduated college with a degree in psychology, launched her business online three months ago. For 50 yuan ($8), she says she will help dump someone's boyfriend or girlfriend in the kindest possible way.

"My job is to ensure couples split in an amicable way that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings," Hu said. "I got the idea from the French film Heartbreaker, in which the main character did the same thing."

Apart from the standard service, she will also offers packages that include "deep conversations" and "an exchange of keepsakes".

Since launching the business, Hu has helped 14 male clients and one woman.

(Chongqing Evening News)

Farmer stays afloat with buffalo biz

A disabled villager in Bishan county, Chongqing, has been making a living by renting out his buffalo for the last 30 years.

Long Shilu, 48, was left unable to walk after a botched operation on his legs when he was 8 months old. Yet, that has not stopped him being a successful businessman.

"The buffalo can carry me, and we go around earning money by doing work on villagers' farms," he said.

From May to October every year, Long rents out his buffalo for plowing and other heavy-duty tasks for 100 yuan ($16) a mu (0.07 hectares). He said he could earn several thousand yuan during that time.

(Chongqing Economic Times)