Two fly rule for Beijing restrooms

Updated: 2012-05-23 10:59


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Public restrooms in will soon be cleaner after a new rule says Beijing conveniences should have no more than two flies, reports Beijing Evening News.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment (BMCCAE) issued the new standard for public toilet management on Monday, making a series of criteria to offer a better environment for public toilets in parks, tourist areas, subway and train stations, hospitals, shopping centers and supermarkets, the paper said.

According to the rule, the number of flies should be no more than two, and discarded objects should also be less than two pieces and left uncollected for no longer than half an hour.

The new requirements are not compulsory and only aim to improve the environment of public toilets, Xie Guomin, head of the sanitation management division of BMCCAE told the paper.

The new rules also requests facilities to be well equipped especially for the old and disabled.