County Party bars disrespectful and dishonest

Updated: 2012-08-14 15:56


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Applicants who do not care for their parents or ensure their children's education will be excluded from the Party, according to a new rule in a Central China's county, Xinhua reported Tuesday.

The trial rule had been applied to the village-level Party organizations for a year but will now be rolled out across Xupu county of Hunan province, said Xiao Yuming, the deputy head of the county's Party organization department.

It lists nine types of characters that will prevent applicants from being a Party member, including those who are dishonest, gambling addicts and idle members of society.

But some people believe it is hard to find an accurate way to quantify such characters, which may hinder the assessment.

Xiao defended the rule saying each candidate will receive a public assessment made by people living closely who will give their judgment based on their daily observations, making the assessment relatively fairer.