Wang Qishan: Rise of a troubleshooter

Updated: 2012-12-25 22:00


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As vice premier in charge of external economic affairs, Wang and his team have kept close contact with their foreign counterparts to seek common ground in dealing with the global financial crisis and European debt crisis.

As Paulson's counterpart in the China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue, Wang impressed the US negotiator as a man who "enjoys philosophical debates and has a wicked sense of humor."

Trained as a historian, Wang has been seen as very responsive and likes to interpret his ideas through stories in talks with overseas guests.

His first speech at the China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue demonstrated both his storytelling skill and accomplishment in history study:

"Before this visit, many friends told me: 'You have to be cautious, the door of the United States will soon be closed, as protectionism now prevails in the country.' But I told them: 'That's not the America which I know of.' We can see from history that trade was the foundation where America was built up, and the United States has been an inclusive land for all races and ethnic groups in the world."

Then he continued:

"At my first stop of this visit, a giant arch stands high in S. Louis. The arch, with a frame but no door, is a symbol of the starting point of the United States' Westward expansion. America, like this arch, should always be open."