Drinking water urgently needed in quake zone

Updated: 2013-04-22 00:22


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Li Maojun, secretary of Baosheng township committee of the Communist Party of China, said despite drops of supplies being made, the township still lack drinking water, food, medicine, and tents.

Drinking water urgently needed in quake zone

Earthquake Strikes Ya'an, Sichuan

He has been asking Lushan county's emergency response command center for more supplies.

"All we want now is a shelter and a guarantee of basic necessities of life," said Yang Zhengwen, a 45-year-old resident of Baosheng.

More rain is forecast in the following three days in Lushan, which experts said will affect rescue efforts.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Civil Affairs is rushing to transport relief supplies.

It is estimated that 30,000 tents, 50,000 quilts, and 10,000 press beds will be transported to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province on Sunday night and be delivered to quake-hit areas as soon as possible, according to Li Baojun, deputy head of the ministry's disaster relief department.

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