Materials needed for quake zone

Updated: 2013-04-22 14:18


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Several counties are in desperate need of medical supplies, drinking water, food, tents and other essential products, Beijing News reports.



Ya'an downtown

Rain protection, anesthetic, infant and women’s goods and baby formula. 120 million in relief fund

Lushan county downtown

Hospitals need oxygen, bandages for surgery and medical orthopedic splints

Longmen township

Food, drinking water, tent and trauma medicine.

Wangjiacun village in Longmen township

Urgently need food and drinking water

Shuangshi township

Tents, food and drinking water

Baoxing county

Tents, food, water, medical equipment and saline

Lingguan town

Food, tents and drinking water

Tianquan county

Emergency carts, fly repellent, trauma medicines, water and food. The following drugs are wanted in large numbers: tetanus immunoglobulin, fosfomycin, etamsylate etc.

Source: Beijing News