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Updated: 2013-05-17 08:31

(China Daily)

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Jin Liqun to chair CIC Capital Corp

Jin Liqun, chairman of the supervisory board of China Investment Corp, China's sovereign wealth fund, will step down on Friday and assume the position of chairman of China International Capital Corp as early as May 20, a source told China Daily on Thursday. Prior to the appointment at CIC, Jin served as vice-president of the Asian Development Bank. Before joining the ADB in August 2003, he served as vice-minister of finance, director-general of the World Bank Department at the Ministry of Finance, and executive deputy director of China to the World Bank Group.

Couriers deliver rapid increase

China's express delivery market has grown fivefold in the past five years, according to the State Post Bureau. The number of units delivered in April surged by 64.1 percent compared to last year, with revenue hitting 10.9 billion yuan ($1.77 billion), up 41 percent. The first quarter saw 1.71 billion units of post delivered, up 64.3 percent year-on-year. Private companies claimed three quarters of the market and 61.9 percent in terms of sales. Around 800,000 couriers were employed.

Environmental events to be held

Two major events, the Environment and Development Summit, and the China International Ecological Environment Technology and Equipment Expo, will be held in Beijing from October 21 to 23. The summit is a high-level forum that focuses on research and discussions of frontier environmental theories. Organized by the All-China Environment Federation, an environmental NGO supervised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the summit aims to provide theoretical consulting services on relevant political decisions.

2,500 jobs on offer at disabled fair

Beijing is hosting the largest ever job fair specifically for disabled people, from May 17 to 19, with around 2,500 positions on offer. According to Kou Zhenling, a spokesperson for Beijing Disabled Persons Federation, the main coordinator for the event, May 18 will focus on recruitment for college graduates with 251 job positions offered by 50 employers, including nearly a third from overseas. On May 19, six traditional handicraft masters will be recruiting apprentices, for roles including opera makeup artist, kite-maker, and inside bottle painter.

Importance of iodine stressed

Beijing residents should continue to consume salt added with iodine element, a mandatory measure in many parts of China, to combat diseases caused by iodine deficiency. These diseases were common in the last century, but have largely been eliminated in Beijing, thanks to consumption of salt with iodine element, according to Xie Hui, an official at Beijing Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. "Monitoring results in recent years show that iodine nutrition among Beijing residents is satisfactory," Xie said on Wednesday at an event to mark China's 20th Iodine Deficiency Prevention Day.

2,400 recycling communities

The Beijing municipal government's 3-year-old household waste-sorting campaign now has 2,400 communities in the capital carrying out energy-saving recycling measures, with another 600 to follow suit this year. Wang Qingwen, a publicity official at Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment, said on Thursday that the government will provide each household and community with containers for recycling household waste, which are sorted into recyclables.

Mobile Internet more popular

Netizens spent more time on mobile Internet terminals than personal computer Internet terminals in the first quarter of 2013, a report from Chinese web service provider Baidu Inc shows. The amount of time spent on mobile Internet terminals was 29 percent higher than the time spent on PC terminals. Baidu said the gap has widened from the fourth quarter of 2012, the first quarter in which users were found to have spent more time on mobile Internet terminals.


SFTS virus appears in Ningbo

A patient in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has been infected with the SFTS (severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome) virus this month without knowing the cause of the infection, according to Qianjiang Evening News. The 47-year-old patient, surnamed Chen, had a fever on May 6 and his gums started to bleed four days later. Chen was the first patient in China this year to be infected with the virus, which has a fatality rate of 12 percent. It is believed that most cases are caused by tick bites and usually occurs in mountainous areas from May to July.


Third man arrested in Zhoukou murder

Police on Thursday detained a third man in connection with the murder of a former head of a county court and his daughter. The suspect, identified only as Wu, was caught at 4 am in Hunan province, about 900 km south of Zhoukou, Henan province, where the murder occurred, Xinhua News Agency reported. At about 2 am Sunday, Gao Tianfeng, 49, former head of the Luyi county court, and his 26-year-old daughter, Gao Weiyi, were found dead at their home. Before Thursday, police detained two other suspects, including Gao Tianfeng's son.

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