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Updated: 2013-05-28 08:06

(China Daily)

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Party publishes two documents

The Communist Party of China Central Committee published two documents on Monday to regulate the formation of Party rules. The two regulations are considered an important move to improve the CPC's internal management and sharpen intra-Party supervision. One regulation is about which Party organs are authorized to draft, approve, publish, amend and abolish Party regulations and what procedures they should follow. The other details how Party regulations should be put on records, reviewed, amended or abolished.

Test for H7N9 in flu monitoring

Testing for suspected cases of H7N9 will be included in Beijing's flu monitoring network, the city's Health Bureau said on Monday. It means hospitals are supposed to test all highly suspicious flu cases for H7N9 virus from now on and report confirmed cases to health authorities regularly. From April 1 to May 20, the city received reports of 39 cases of pneumonia with unidentified causes, of which one case was diagnosed with H7N9 infection.

Report: Highway funds embezzled

Misuse of public funds has been connected to the construction of five highways, the National Audit Office said on Monday. The office found bidding irregularities and embezzlement of public funds - more than 2.7 billion yuan ($441 million) - in the construction of several sections on the Baotou-Maoming, Chongqing-Changsha, Tongjiang-Sanya and Quanzhou-Nanning highways and the Second Ring Road in Guangzhou.

Hospital directors get training

A program for training hospital directors on how to promote public health was inaugurated on Monday. The five-day training program was attended by 100 directors of top public hospitals across the mainland. The program was launched by the Chinese Hospital Association, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Chinese Academy of Governance, and GE Healthcare.

Safety supervision to be tightened

China pledged on Monday to tighten supervision of work safety and introduce an improved official accountability system. The State Council vowed to tighten work safety supervision in high-risk sectors including coal mining, fireworks, dangerous chemicals, roads and transportation. It was agreed at a plenary meeting of the cabinet's Work Safety Committee that China will continue to create unified safety standards nationwide and improve emergency assistance and risk prevention capabilities.


Review demanded over nationality

After city authorities dismissed allegations that a former deputy county head in Suqian, Jiangsu province, held foreign nationality, the accuser demanded a review of the evidence, China Youth Daily reported. Zhou Xiao claimed on his micro blog two months ago that Si Dongliang had two ID cards. Si used the fake ID to buy a villa and the real one was canceled so that he could take up residence abroad, Zhou claimed. Zhou requested the provincial government make public Si's nationality, files of his permanent residence and information about his property.


Cars targeted in pollution control

The Shaanxi provincial government issued an emergency plan stipulating that 30 percent of official cars must be off the road during heavy pollution, China Daily learned on Monday. According to the Contingency Plan for Heavy Urban Air Pollution Days, departments at all levels in the province are required to stop using at least 30 percent of their official cars during heavy pollution in urban areas. Social vehicles should also be controlled by the even-odd license plate plan in the cities where conditions for the plan are ready.


3 drug suspects held after flight

Three suspects were detained after police allegedly found four packets of drugs after one of them complained of abdominal pains during a flight. The suspects, two men and a woman, took a plane from Kunming, Yunnan province, to Wuhan, Hubei province, on Saturday afternoon, Wuhan Morning Post reported on Monday. Police at Wuhan airport seized one of the suspects after they found four small containers wrapped in plastic in his bag. The suspect, Jiang, told the police he concealed the containers by swallowing them and managed to pass security checks at the airport.


Baby abandoned in sewer rescued

A baby abandoned inside a sewage pipe was saved by firefighters, reported on Monday. The 2-day-old infant, weighing 2.3 kilograms, was found in the sewage pipe leading from a public toilet in the fourth floor of an apartment building in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, on Sunday. A resident found him and called firefighters. Firefighters went down to the third floor and cut loose a section of the pipe that contained the baby who was immediately rushed to a hospital where it is in a stable condition, despite severe bruising.


Blackout hits high-speed trains

At least 40 high-speed trains were delayed by a four-hour energy blackout that hit central and southern areas on Sunday. The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway was paralyzed at 3:46 pm. Services were disrupted after a blackout occurred between Chenzhou West Railway Station in Hunan province and Lechang East Railway Station in Guangdong province, the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported. A worker at Changsha South Railway Station said that the blackout was caused by heavy rain.

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