New book tells stories of US citizens in Shanghai

Updated: 2013-07-24 19:29

By Chen Qide in Shanghai (

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Shanghai issued a book on Tuesday that tells the stories of 29 US citizens living in the city.

The book's subjects were chosen from about 50,000 US citizens living in the city. Their professions include senior diplomats, CEOs of multinational companies, business consultants, financiers and scholars.

“We aim to let people know more about what they have done for the city by telling about their life in the city,” said Wu Xinbo, president of the Shanghai Institute of American Studies.

The volume, which was published by Zhongxi Book Co, took two years to complete. A second volume will come out soon, Wu said.

The institute is also editing a book titled Shanghainese in America, which will be published next year. It will tell stories of those who were born and grew up in Shanghai but created their own businesses in the US, he said.