2nd-generation ID cards to include fingerprints

Updated: 2013-08-14 10:48


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China plans to register fingerprint information in its 2nd-generation ID cards in a bid to reduce potential crimes involving identification fraud, Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

China's Ministry of Public Security plans to start collecting fingerprints nationwide by the end of this year, fending off criminals using fake identities, the report said.

Lost or stolen ID cards now can provide convenience for criminals of credit card fraud and money laundering, and for corrupt officials to disguise properties. Police investigations can also be hampered if criminals register at hotels using fake identities.

Various cases involving large-scale sales of authentic ID cards, lost or stolen, to people applying for new credit cards have been exposed in China.

Current Chinese law levies fines of 200 to 1,000 yuan on people who use other people’s ID card, or gives detention of less than 10 days, and illegal income from the identification fraud is confiscated, all punishments too mild to be deterrents against ID-card related crimes.

Sun Mo, a senior lawyer from Tianjin-based Rufa law office, calls for more ID card technology upgrades, suggesting ID cards reported lost be demagnetized and display “signed off” notes when swiped, so as to ultimately cut off the ID-card related crimes and trade lines.