China rebuts Philippine accusation over Huangyan Island

Updated: 2013-09-04 18:25


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BEIJING - Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei on Wednesday rejected the Philippine accusations that China has begun fortifying Huangyan Island, saying "what the Philippine side said is not true."

Reiterating that Huangyan Island is "China's inherent territory," Hong told a daily press briefing that China's public service vessels have conducted routine patrols in the waters of the island so as to safeguard both sovereignty and public order in the waters.

"This is China's justified right, and it is beyond reproach," Hong said when he was asked to comment on remarks made by Philippine Department of National Defense spokesman Peter Paul Galvez on Tuesday.

Galvez was quoted by media as saying that a Philippine navy plane last Saturday sighted at least 30 concrete blocks in the northern part of Huangyan Island that can be used as foundation "to something".

Galvez added it was hard to speculate what that might be.