Trending news across China, Sept 15

Updated: 2013-09-15 14:52


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Breakup excuses

A girl who passed China's College English Test Level 6 dumped her boyfriend who was still struggling with Level 4. It's just one of the worst breakup lines listed under a trending topic on Tencent's micro blog site. Another excuse blamed the hot weather, demanding a split to cool down.

Street entrepreneur

A college graduate, surnamed Cai, makes at least 15,000 yuan ($2,450) a month, a sum his peers working nine-to-five can only dream of, just by helping people fix screen protectors for their smartphones and tablets as a street vendor in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, Yangtze Evening News reported. Shocked Internet users said they should quit and copy Cai's story.

Tearful Mao

Trending news across China, Sept 15

Mao Xinyu, grandson of Chairman Mao, made headlines again after he burst into tears while singing The East Is Red, a revolutionary song, at a news conference for a television series themed on his grandfather. Each public appearance by the junior Mao attracts public interest due to his family background. (

No school intimacy

A high school in Zhejiang province sparked controversy over its student code banning intimate behavior, including acts between same-sex students, especially on public occasions. Students who cross the line will face severe punishment, according to Chunhui High School in Wenzhou. Su Lianfu, the headmaster, said the policy seeks to prevent adolescent love, which is seen as a distraction to students. (

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