Chinese ships rush to join search

Updated: 2014-03-09 22:44

By Peng Yining (

Chinese ships rush to join search

PLA Navy battleships, the amphibious landing vessel "Jinggangshang" is soon to take part in ongoing operations in South China Sea.[Photo by Yang Pengyu/] 

Two Chinese battleships, the frigate "Mianyang" and amphibious landing ship "Jinggangshan" have been sent to join search and rescue operations for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared more than 48 hours ago, PLA Navy sources said.

"Mianyang" is estimated to reach the suspected area by 7:30am on Monday and "Jinggangshan" will arrive by 10am Tuesday.

Carrying 14 medics and 10 rescue divers, "Jinggangshan" sailed out from Zhanjiang port in South China’s Guangdong province at 3am on Sunday.

Loaded with life-saving equipment, underwater detection facilities and supplies of oil, water and food, it is also equipped with two helicopters, speedboats and 52 marines.

"Mianyang" was on a mission in the Nansha waters and left for the rescue at 11:50pm on Saturday.

Immediately after learning the news of the missing jet, Wu Shengli, commander in chief of the PLA Navy, responded by commanding the South China Sea Fleet to prepare for a rescue mission.

Chinese ships rush to join search Chinese ships rush to join search

Chinese ships rush to join search

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