Planting forests on barren hills

Updated: 2014-03-12 09:32


Zhao Sicheng, an entrepreneur who lives in the area of Cangyan Mountain, in Jingxing county, North China's Hebei province, dreams of turning the barren hills green.

In 2007, Zhao signed contracts relating to 996 hectares of barren hills, and has invested 130 million yuan ($ 21.17 million) in an afforestation project.

"Irrigation is the main difficulty for afforesting barren hills in arid regions," said Zhao, and he added that rainwater is a key to the problem.

He focuses on six ponds and water pools where he collects the rainwater, and his work has led Zhao to make many sacrifices – involving both his business and also his private life.

However, his efforts have paid off and he has planted 100,000 trees with a survival rate of more than 92 percent.

Planting forests on barren hills

This photo taken on March 10 shows a screen with a photo shot in the summer of 2013 of Cangyan Mountain covered by green trees - and this transformation is due to the hard work and the dreams of Zhao Siwei, a local entrepreneur.[Photo/]

Planting forests on barren hills Planting forests on barren hills Planting forests on barren hills
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