Fate of Chongqing police 'heroes'

Updated: 2014-04-10 09:25


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Guo Weiguo: jailed for 11 years

Fate of Chongqing police 'heroes'

Guo Weiguo was promoted to the rank of deputy chief of the Chongqing public security bureau after being commended for his achievements in the 'strike black' campaign. He was involved in the arrest of a senior police officer who colluded with drug dealers, and Guo accused the man of affecting the dignity of the police service - which won praise from his colleagues.

However, Guo was convicted for his role in the murder of British citizen Neil Heywood, and he was sentenced to 11 years in prison in August 2012.

Li Yang: serving a 7-year prison sentence

Li Yang once headed the Chongqing Public Security Bureau's criminal division, but he was also convicted for his role in the murder of Neil Heywood and he received a sentence of 7 years in prison.

Wang Zhi: 5 years in prison

Wang Zhi was Party chief of Shapingba district police bureau. He was named a police hero in 2010 for his role in the crackdown on organized crime. However, he was also convicted for his role in the murder of Neil Heywood and received a 5-year prison sentence.

Yao Ning: received a promotion

Fate of Chongqing police 'heroes'

During the 'strike black' campaign, Yao Ning was the public prosecutor of the fifth branch court of Chongqing People's Procuratorate and in charge of half of the criminal cases, including high-profile cases involving Li Zhuang, Wen Qiang and Xie Caiping.

She was promoted to the role of head of the second public prosecution office of Chongqing People's Procuratorate in 2012, and was also named 'One of the Nation's Top 10 Excellent Prosecutors'.

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