Forum trends: How to bargain in China

Updated: 2014-05-07 17:43


Editor’s Note: Bargaining is acceptable in most Chinese stores, except in the supermarket or some shopping malls in which the goods have clear fixed prices, and it can be great fun when you’re in the mood, and saves you a lot of money. Whether you're wheeling and dealing in China, or just trying to get a few yuan knocked off the price of a city map, here are a few tips that our blogger claudeckenni shares here to help your negotiations go smoothly. You're welcome to share your story with us.

Even though prices in China are lower than many other countries, but whenever you are going shopping in China, NEVER FORGET TO BARGAIN.

Let me teach you my personal bargain trick. I called this one "The Good Guy and The Bad Guy" (80 percent success rate)

1. Don't go into the shops alone, take a friend with you and let him be "The Bad Guy" while you be "The Good Guy".

Forum trends: How to bargain in China

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