Running turns into commercial carnival

Updated: 2014-11-04 07:14


Partly due to commercialization, running, a traditional sport and solitary activity, is increasingly turning into public carnivals in a kaleidoscope of themes.

The rush is unprecedented - Shanghai International Marathon sold out 18,000 tickets within hours after online booking started on September 15.

Either launched by private companies as a public relations event, or by non-commercial organizations to promote certain themes, running activities, including city run, color run, rainbow run, light run, zombie run, have burst out across major Chinese cities.

People seem enthusiastic about the trending activity, participating in it in huge number to experience a healthy lifestyle and create a positive and energetic image. Winning or finishing the race is no longer important but enjoying the revelry and the sense of security are the driving force.


Running turns into commercial carnival

More than 200 participants take part in a 14.5 kilometer race around ancient walls in Xi'an, Oct 25, 2014. The event was organized by an outdoor equipment chain store. [Photo/CFP]

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