Trending: Apples more expensive than iPhones

Updated: 2014-12-26 13:43


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Trending: Apples more expensive than iPhones
The car the swindlers used when they committed the fraud. [Photo/]
Luxury car used as swindlers' prop

Fraud comes in many guises. For several kind-hearted drivers on one expressway, it came in the form of an "unlucky" young couple with a luxury car.

A pair of swindlers borrowed an Audi, used a fake license plate and drove it near a toll gate in Xiangxiang, Hunan province, reported on Saturday.

The man remained in the car and the woman stood outside and asked for help from other drivers for to pay their toll fee or for petrol money. The couple wrote down their phone numbers and promised that they would pay it back. They made a very convincing front with their expensive car and respectable looks.

However, they tried to escape when they were stopped by the police after some skeptical passersby reported them. They admitted to fraud,saying they had swindled around a thousand yuan in two hours.

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