No Chemicals in his strawberries

Updated: 2015-01-31 10:12

By Liu Zhihua(China Daily)

No Chemicals in his strawberries

Wang drives a motorcycle designed for disabled people.[Photo/China Daily]

In late 2007, he began working for the Paris office of the Export-Import Bank of China, where he conducted research on the agriculture credit business.

He visited large and small farms in France and later Africa. He also attended international agriculture conferences and events held by the United Nations. Wang says that experience gave him a different perspective on agriculture.

Wang came back to Beijing in 2010 and got a high paying job at a real estate company. However, the office politics of white-collar work made him long for life on the farm. In 2012, Wang rented a plot of land in Changping district and built 12 greenhouses, where he began growing organic strawberries.

Wang discovered that most of the so-called organic products on the market were not really organic. Other farmers told him that most mid-to large-sized farms used pesticides, hormones and chemical fertilizers.

"Knowing the status quo made me more eager to grow real organic strawberries," Wang says.

Despite strong opposition from his parents, Wang quit his real estate job to work full time on the farm. He read books about organic farming, contacted Chinese agriculture academies for technology support and visited famous agriculture academies.