Chinese climber killed in avalanche

Updated: 2015-04-27 07:48

By TANG YUE/CUI JIA(China Daily)

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Chinese climber killed in avalanche

A few tents stood at base camp-a major staging area for climbers at the foot of Mount Qomolangma in Nepal-after the area was hit by an avalanche triggered by Saturday's earthquake. AZIM AFIF/ASSOCIATED PRESS  

A member of a Chinese mountaineering team was killed and two others were severely injured in the Qomolangma avalanche triggered by the Nepal earthquake, according to the Chinese Mountaineering Association on Sunday night.

The dead climber was identified as Ge Zhenfang, an experienced mountaineer from Jiangsu province. Another 37 surviving Chinese climbers were moved to safety, the association said.

A total of 18 climbers and Sherpa guides died.

Four Chinese teams were climbing Qomolangma by the southern route when the quake hit, according to Wang Yongfeng, vice-president of the association.

"I ran more than 10 meters and the avalanche was chasing me. Then I got down on the slope and used my hands to protect my head, trying to make some space to breathe," Shi Lei said. "I felt I was going to be buried. Fortunately, it didn't last long. When I got up, I found the camp had disappeared and people were screaming."

Two members of a women's team, Ma Liyamu, the 46-year-old team leader, and Liu Qing were severely injured.

Those seriously injured were taken to the hospital by a helicopter sent by the association on Sunday, Wang said. No one had life-threatening injuries.

It is the second time that the crew's expedition to conquer Earth's highest peak failed due to a deadly avalanche. Last April, climbing was canceled after an avalanche killed 16 Sherpa guides, the most deadly disaster on the southern route.

Among the victims was Dan Fredinburg, a Google executive from California. Fredinburg had been on Qomolangma for three weeks as part of an expedition.

"Day 22: Ice training with @micbattelli means frequent stops for morning cappuccino, regardless of danger. ‪#‎Everest 2015‬," he wrote in his last Facebook post on Saturday with a photo of his training partner drinking a cup of coffee. ‬

Chinese climber killed in avalanche