Beijing to recruit more volunteers in anti-smoking drive

Updated: 2015-06-15 15:06


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Beijing is calling for volunteers to help implement the capital city's strict new anti-smoking laws, Beijing Times reports.

Since June 1, the city has prohibited smoking in indoor public venues and offices, as well as outdoor spaces where minors gather, such as kindergartens or primary schools.

It has assigned more than 1000 supervisors to ensure the law is enforced, but media reports say smokers are easily found at hospitals and bus terminals.

Zhang Jianshu, the director of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association, said several governmental organizations are planning to better publicize the ban and strengthen law enforcement efforts by recruiting more volunteers.

They will be divided into two groups, one responsible for further promoting anti-smoking awareness and the other, for coordinated management.

Those coordination volunteers will receive training first as well as subsidies for their work, Zhang noted.

The director said student volunteers under the age of 18 are particularly welcome as they have proved to be veryeffective in persuading smokers from lighting up.

Zhang said the exact number of the two groups of volunteers will be decided at a later time when budget requirements are clearer.