Amazing landscape of China in white and black

Updated: 2015-07-27 07:05


Amazing landscape of China in white and black

Beijing Houhai, 1993. [Photo by Li Jianhui/]

In Li's opinion, the light, shadow and color are what photographers should pay special attention to, because they are three dimensional and changeable. The black-and-white photography draws complicated colors and is therefore closer to pure tone and easier to express an attitude of contemplation and depth of philosophy.

Li said that another reason for him to prefer black-and-white photography is that it is much closer to his understanding of happiness in daily life-that is demanding less instead of having more.

Li Jianhui, member of the China Photographers Association, has successfully launched several albums of paintings and opened three solo exhibitions, and has been invited by various countries and regions. He has also published such photo albums as Wind and Moon, The Image of Summer Palace and Lotus.