Trafficked woman appeals to be left alone, continue her life

Updated: 2015-07-31 17:41

By Liu Wei(

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Gao treated her parents-in-laws as her real parents and took care of the whole family, including her husband, who suffered from back injury. She told reporters Thursday that her husband now treats her well and respects her.

She works as a substitute teacher in a local primary school that lacks resources and teachers. Gao recalls students cheering and screaming "finally we have a teacher" on her first day.

"They placed their hopes on me, and I found my hope to live on," Gao said.

When her story generated public sympathy and anger toward the authorities, Gao felt she could be in trouble.

"As long as I can keep being a teacher, I can bear anything."

A written statement has been announced from Gao through local county public relations department on Thursday afternoon, saying "Thanks for the care from all the news outlets and people. I'm sorry. I want to have a quiet life now and wish there's no harm to my family. Everyone of my family is feeling bad because of me. I want my family members to be safe and sound and my children not to be disturbed."

According to Han Xiao, an attorney in Jingrun & Partners, action against traffickers is limited to 20 years. If it is over two decades, as in Gao's case, there will be no criminal prosecution unless some exceptions.

As for buyers, action is limited to five years which is clearly also out of date in Gao's case.

Han Xiao said people who were trafficked have the right to decide if they want to stay with the family that bought them.

"Gao deserves the understanding and respect of the public to stay there and be a teacher. More harm will be done if people force their will on her rather than her own."

Gao Yanmin told media on Thursday that traffickers should be punished instead of her family.

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