Top court lists 70 crimes that occur most on campuses

Updated: 2015-09-18 16:13


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China's top court on Friday published a list of 70 crimes that occur often on campuses, in a move aimed at raising awareness and protecting the students.

The Supreme People's Court listed 67 typical criminal cases across the country, with many of them involving intentional injuries, a sign that violent crime remains a problem in campuses in China.

The average age of minor offenders ranges from 15 to 17, and most were boys, according to Sun Jungong, the top court's spokesman.

"Some juvenile criminals in the disputes committed crime after watching violent videos online, while some offenders took to crime due to lack of parental supervision," said Sun.

In addition, affray and robbery in middle schools frequently took place, he said, adding that left-behind children's supervision should be also highlighted.

"Teachers should have better communication with parents of left-behind children to understand what these young people's are thinking and what they need, as that would avoid any damage to them or to the sociery," said Duan Siming, a judge from Fujian Provincial High People's Court.