Beijing urges Brussels not to seek investment talks with Taiwan

Updated: 2015-10-16 21:45

By Fu Jing(

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Beijing has urged Brussels not to explore launching negotiations on investment with Taiwan after European Union has shown such intention in a trade policy paper.

"We do not object non-official trade and culture exchanges between Taiwan and countries or international entities having diplomatic relations with China, but oppose the development of official ties in any form," Jiang Xiaoyan, spokeswoman of China Mission to EU told reporters on Friday.

European Union has shown the intention in a trade policy paper published this week. Beijing and Brussels will soon launch the eighth round of investment talks and hopefully, a joint negotiation text will take shape in the end of this year.

Jiang said the Taiwan question involves China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and bears on China's core interests and respect for China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and adherence to the one-China principle has been the EU's long-standing political commitment.

"The EU side should bear in mind the overall interests of China-EU relations, earnestly honor its commitment to the one-China principle, deal with Taiwan-related issues with prudence and refrain from having any form of official exchanges or signing any official agreement with the Taiwan authorities," said Jiang.