China is indispensible to promote shared governance of world Internet: Yang Kunfu

Updated: 2015-12-11 18:57


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China will hold its 2nd World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province from Dec 16 to 18 after last year's success. The conference is held with the theme of "an Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All -- Building a Cyberspace Community of Shared Destiny".

Clearly, "an Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All" are what these conferences have pursued for two years as well as building a cyberspace community of common destiny. An increasing number of countries and regions share knowledge to promote shared governance on the global Internet and new order on the Internet.

The US has held an upper hand in the Internet as Internet technology originated in and keeps developing in the US. The US claims the throne of the Internet through this advantage so that they can decide how to allocate resources and make the rules. Moreover, the US applies a "double standard" to the global Internet as only benefitting US interests and values.

This action has created potential threats and challenges to the Internet security of many other countries and regions around the world, which is not good for the healthy development of the world Internet system.

That's why "an Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All" is of such importance. The idea is to share more rights of speech and participation in making the rules on the Internet rather than challenge the status the US currently has.

It advocates creating a more reasonable and just new global Internet order to help all the countries and regions able to enjoy the benefit of harmonious development.

The new order will nurture a friendlier exterior environment for Internet development in all countries and regions in return.

At the same time, the new order of the global Internet may also benefit a new international political economic order.

China plays an indispensable role and function in promoting connectivity in the world Internet. According to China Internet Network Information Center, the number of Internet users in China reached 668 million as of this June and the proportion of Internet users to total population is about 49 percent.

Another report released by the International Telecommunication Union in May shows there will be 3.2 billion Internet users across the world.

China will have the most Internet users in the world. Also, the GDP (gross domestic product) of the Internet economy in China is seven percent, a percentage that surpasses that in the US.

Furthermore, China has four Internet companies standing in the list of top ten Internet companies in the world, which shows China has an important role in the world Internet system.

China displays its sincerity and courage in promoting the joint governance of the world Internet. Xi said that China is willing to join hands with other countries to "build a cyberspace of peace, security, openness and cooperation and an International Internet governance system of multilateralism, democracy and transparency" when delivering speeches at the Brazilian National Congress in July, 2014 and the 1st World Internet Conference in Nov, 2014.

Xi also emphasized at the 8th US-China Internet Industry Forum in Sept, 2015 that "both China and the US are major cyber countries ... The two sides should carry out constructive dialogues on cyber issues and forge new highlights of China-US cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust, so that cyberspace will provide more benefits to peoples of both countries and the rest of the world."

China plays an important role in and exerts a great impact on pushing forward the construction of a new world Internet order.

The successive holdings of the world Internet conference, which is a platform for China and the world, for two years in a row, have made it an institution. The conference not only shows China's responsibility to shape a new world Internet order, but also China's power in the New Normal.