Rap cartoon recaps China's reforms

Updated: 2015-12-28 17:30


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BEIJING - China's state broadcaster has produced an animated rap video about the country's reforms, days before the two-year anniversary of the founding of the central leading group for comprehensive reform.

The video, titled "The leading group for comprehensive reform is two years old," was posted on the website of China Central Television (CCTV) Saturday.

It marks another attempt by state media to promote major policies through music and animation. In late October, Xinhua News Agency released a cartoon explaining China's five-year plan via social media.

In the CCTV animation, which runs about two minutes and 44 seconds, performers rap about anti-corruption and anti-pollution efforts as well as reforms in permanent residence permits, education, and medical care.

Several sound bites from President Xi Jinping are mixed in, accompanied by a cartoon image of the Chinese leader. At one point, Xi says, "There is no turning back if an arrow is released," referring to the reforms.

An introduction to the video posted on the website said the central leading group for comprehensive reform has held 19 meetings and reviewed 102 reform documents since its establishment on Dec 30, 2013.