19-year-old hit by train while taking selfie, dies on the spot

Updated: 2016-04-11 14:44


19-year-old hit by train while taking selfie, dies on the spot

The woman is too focused on taking the selfie to realize how close she is standing to the railway tracks. [Photo from web]

A woman taking a selfie near a railway track was hit by a train and died on the spot in Foshan on Saturday, reported citygf.com.

The 19-year-old, a student at Foshan Polytechnic, was declared dead of severe head injury and blood loss when the emergency workers from local hospital reached the site 10 minutes after incident.

According to reports, the site where the accident happened is witnessing roses in full bloom stretching more than 100 square kilometers. The view is attracting many tourists who flock near the railway track to take photos. Some even stand too close to the track just to get their photo and the train in the same frame.

A local flower grower who witnessed the accident said the woman was standing too close, less than 50 centimeters, to the tracks.

"Several people tried to warn her but maybe she did not hear them," said a witness surnamed Huang.

Medical staff members said there have been previous cases of people getting hit by trains as many use the tracks as a shortcut while ignoring the dangers posed by the trains.

Police have launched an investigation into the case.

Many internet user expresses remorse at woman's death.

@乐舞小影 said on SinaWeibo: "Sorry to hear the news that the woman got herself killed due to lack of safety awareness."

The internet user also said she's planning a trip to the exact spot to see the flowers and trains but now she's scared and hesitant.

Another netizen said on SinaWeibo: "It's common that people love to take photos in such beautiful places. But how sad her family will be, especially as she died in these circumstances. We have to be serious about our safety and never ignore any warnings."

Although even after hearing the news some visitors didn't seem to care at all.

After the fatal accident, people were still flocking to the flower field and taking photos with the trains.

A man who took a selfie said he had heard about the accident but he still believed it was safe to shoot selfies with trains. "The woman was just way too careless," said the man, "but we are fine."

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