China's top legislature announces tasks for 2016

Updated: 2016-04-23 00:23


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BEIJING -- Chinese lawmakers will review draft laws on international criminal judicial assistance and national defense transportation this year, according to the plan released Friday by the top legislature.

The national defense transportation draft law aims to improve coordination between different departments.

Laws on environmental protection tax, public culture services, community correction will also be tabled this year to the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee for first reading.

The top legislature will also review amendments to laws on the Red Cross Society, maritime environmental protection, water pollution and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Meanwhile, the NPC Standing Committee will continue deliberating laws on deep sea resource exploration, charities, administration of overseas non-governmental organizations and cyber security.

"Other laws to be drafted or amended in accordance with the country's drives to deepen reform and promote the rule of law, the 2016-2020 development plan, national defense and military reform will also be arranged for deliberation at a proper time," it said.

In addition, lawmakers will check enforcement of laws on environmental protection, food safety, road traffic safety, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, water and work safety.

Reports on environmental protection, food safety, higher education reforms and judicial transparency are also set to be heard by legislators.

The NPC Standing Committee will also step up supervision on the enforcement of the Constitution.

Elections of NPC delegates will begin this year. Adhering to the Party's leadership, the NPC Standing Committee will promote democracy and follow procedures in strict accordance with the law, to ensure that the elections are held honestly and in an orderly manner.