Information official calls for greater international media exchange, cooperation

Updated: 2016-05-09 17:56

By Zheng Caixiong in Guangzhou(

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A senior Chinese information official has urged media from Asia and Europe to further expand their exchanges and cooperation in the months ahead.

This will help promote mutual understanding between countries, according to Guo Weimin, deputy minister of the State Council Information Office.

He made the remarks at the opening ceremony of Asem Media Dialogue on Connectivity in Guangzhou on Monday.

"Media cooperation is a win-win deal that contributes to mutual stability, development, peace and prosperity in Asia and Europe," Guo said.

"This event will help build a good platform for media from Asia and Europe to expand their exchanges and cooperation in the future.

"The State Council Information Office has always encouraged an open and tolerant attitude toward cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign media."

Joint coverage of major events and hot topics has already been actively organized by Guo's office in recent years, he said, adding that foreign journalists are welcome to visit China while Chinese reporters will be encouraged to go abroad to cover more major international events.

Qian Hongshan, assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, said the expansion of media exchanges would help further advance cooperation between Asia and Europe in the future.

Wang Hao, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily, described the media an important channel to increase mutual understanding and cultural exchanges between nations and regions in Asia and Europe.

"On the principle of voluntary participation, media from Asia and Europe should organize more joint cooperation in covering major events and hot issues involving the two continents in the future," he said.

"While increasing the number of mutual visits of senior media executives and exchange of journalists, media from Asia and Europe should jointly establish their data banks and expert banks to share media resources.

"Media from Asia and Europe should share and exchange their news clues, information products and pictures involving major events taking place in the two continents," Wang added.

Alessandra Spalletta, an Italian reporter, said expanding exchange and cooperation between media in Asia and Europe would help the industry to upgrade and improve its competitiveness.

More than 200 media representatives, business executives and officials from 51 nations and regions attended the event on Monday, which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Council Information Office.