Xi pledges firm focus on economic restructuring

Updated: 2016-05-26 02:34


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Xi pledges firm focus on economic restructuring

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits an Ecological Economic Development Zone in Yichun, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, May 23, 2016. Xi Jinping made an inspection tour in Heilongjiang from May 23 to 25. [Photo/Xinhua]

HARBIN -- President Xi Jinping pledged firm action on economic restructuring as he visited Northeast China's Heilongjiang province from Monday to Wednesday.

At a critical stage of economic restructuring, but a time of bright prospects, only supply-side reform will bring a significant upgrade of industrial structure and productivity, Xi told a meeting of senior Heilongjiang officials.

"If we hesitate in making decisions and do things halfway, we will lose this rare opportunity," he said, stressing that it is important to actually carry out the policies.

Heilongjiang, traditionally a center of heavy industry, cannot afford to be half-hearted in upgrading old industries and nurturing new ones, he said. While maintaining the dominant position of state-owned enterprises, non-public sectors should be encouraged and supported, he added.

With vast areas of dense forest, the provincial lumber industry is feeling the effects of a full ban of logging. Visiting Yichun, a city in the forest, the president restated the importance of environmental protection and demanded concerted efforts to establish new industries other than logging.

Impressed by blueberry plantations in Yichun, Xi told local government and businesses to be aware of changes in the market and diversify their business models.

At a state tree plantation, Xi visited plantation employee Liu Yangshun, his family and neighbors. He assured them that the government would help them through the difficulties brought by restructuring, but encouraged them to seek new ways to make a living through their own determination and resources.