From hunting wild fruits to satellite dishes: Life of Myanmar returnees

Updated: 2016-08-01 11:20

By Guo Kai(

From hunting wild fruits to satellite dishes: Life of Myanmar returnees

The location of Zayu county in Tibet autonomous region. [Photo/]

Families who returned to hometown in Tibet from Myanmar three decades ago have been living a well-off life thanks to the country's farmer-friendly policies after their nationality was restored, the news website reported.

These families living in Zhuwagen town of Zayu county moved to northern Myanmar in 1950s as they were oppressed by lords and former local governments before the Tibet's peaceful liberation.

However, even though they had been living in Myanmar for decades, the government never granted them citizenship. They became people with no nationality.

Between 1984 and 1986, these families started returning to their hometown in Zayu and settled down in Xituola, Zhaga and Zhuwu villages, after learning about Chinese government's new policies and people's life being improved.

Tenzin, 48, said that his father was 30 years old when he moved to Myanmar. His father said his family moved there because they could not afford the taxes imposed by the local governments and the oppression of landlords.

Tenzin's family lived in a mountainous area that was delineated by Myanmar government, Tenzin said. Ten family members lived in wooden sheds and hunted wild fruits and animals to survive. Tenzin said they were living like savages at that time.

In 1985, Tenzin's family returned to Zayu.

Families that returned from Myanmar missed the Tibet's reforms after the peaceful liberation, and they could not access land or ID cards because they had no nationality. Their education and employment were also badly hampered.

In September 2006, the Chinese government granted these people nationality. Now they could enjoy the country's subsidies for border people, medical insurance and pension, housing projects and other benefits.

The three villages now have tap water, power grid and roads. Villagers can watch satellite TVs at home, and take part in cultural activities.

From hunting wild fruits to satellite dishes: Life of Myanmar returnees

The photo shows Tenzin's new house in Zayu county. [Photo/]

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