Top guns: Airshow China in past two decades

Updated: 2016-10-20 09:14


Editor's note:

2016 China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, or Airshow China, will be held in the coastal city of Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong province, featuring the latest military hardware, trade exchanges and skillful displays of flying. With this year's Airshow China drawing near, let's catch up with some exciting moments in the previous air shows.

Top guns: Airshow China in past two decades

J-10 fighter jets of the Bayi Aerobatic Team of PLA's (Peoples Liberation Army) Air Force perform during a demonstration flight ahead of the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, also known as Airshow China 2014, in Zhuhai city, South China's Guangdong province, on Nov 9, 2014. [Photo/IC]

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