Hangzhou residents enjoy noodles during Zhongfu

Updated: 2014-07-29 15:25


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As Zhongfu, the second phase of Sanfu this year began on July 28, 2014, Hangzhou residents are eating more noodles.

In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, Sanfu refers to the three 10-day periods that are predicted to be the hottest days of the year, which are called Toufu, Zhongfu and Mofu. Sanfu is between mid-July to mid-August, or what we sometimes call in English, "the dog days of summer".

The second phase of Sanfu, is traditionally a time for consuming noodles, as it is believed to help people sweat and relieve internal heat. Some time-honored noodle restaurants around China have increased their supply and launched new products.

Hangzhou residents enjoy noodles during <EM>Zhongfu</EM>
A little customer eats noodles at a time-honored restaurant named Kuiyuanguan in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, July 28, 2014.  [Photo/Xinhua]

Hangzhou residents enjoy noodles during <EM>Zhongfu</EM>

Hangzhou residents enjoy noodles during <EM>Zhongfu</EM>

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