Polish art rediscovers its roots

Updated: 2016-06-16 11:30

By Lin Qi(chinadaily.com.cn)

Polish art rediscovers its roots

[Photo provided to China Daily]

Designers have gone beyond merely incorporating patterns of folk art into their works. They've explored deep into the cultural roots and found a respect for nature. Hence their creations reflect an increased concern for ecology.

"Poland was once sunk in wars and chaos for nearly two centuries, which interrupted the inheritance of culture and traditions. Furthermore in the process of modernization, many people move away from their native places," Adam Czyzewski, director of Warsaw's State Ethnographic Museum, said at the opening of a Polish design exhibition held last year at Beijing's National Art Museum of China. "Polish people today seek their cultural identity by reviving traditions in various ways. The cultural consistency is of great significance to us."