Aobao worship ceremony held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia

Updated: 2016-09-04 10:46

By Liu Xuanyi(

Aobao worship ceremony held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia

An Aobao worship ceremony, the grandest worship ritual in Mongolia, is held at Yike Aobao in the Kangbashi area of Ordos, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on September 3. [Photo by Liu Xuanyi/]

Aobao worship ceremonies often occur from the fifth to the eight month of the Chinese lunar calendar, when the grassland is carpeted with lush grass and interweaved with dazzling wild blossoms. The ceremony is also the forerunner of the renowned Naadam Festival.

Before Tibetan Buddism making it way to Inner Mongolia, shamanism, an ancient religion which preaches everything in nature, dominates as the Mongolian national belief.

Aobao means "stone heap" in the Mongolian language. Originally serving as the signposts helping people find their way in the vast grasslands, Aobao evolved into the deity worship place.

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