Male Call

Updated: 2011-03-22 13:44

By Gan Tian (China Daily)

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Male Call

Male Call

Gan Tian takes a look at the imminent China International Fashion Week 2011

The highlights of China International Fashion Week, which starts March 24, will definitely be the release of eight menswear collections for 2011/2012 Fall/Winter, quick on the heels of the releases earlier for the 2011 Spring/Summer collections.

Top Chinese male model Li Zifeng, who has not taken a break since 2011 Autumn/Winter Milan Menswear Fashion Week, says it will look more like a "China Menswear Fashion Week".

"There will be eight brands from abroad and home, including Notting Hill, Cabbeen Chic, Edenbo, Septwolves, Vetallo, Cadini, CNHSS and Fengfei Z," says Yang Jian, secretary-general of the China Fashion Week organizing committee.

It is a clear indication that men's fashion in China is becoming a major seller. Chinese menswear label Edenbo will borrow inspiration from London's subway in its latest collection named "To London".

"The subway is where people meet. It is also a place showcasing different styles. Our latest collection will focus on the subway culture, displaying its diverse trends," says Liu Yong, chief designer of Edenbo.

The line will feature large-scale black, white and gray, a spectrum preferred by the British gentleman, according to the designer.

Since Edenbo's trademark color is orange, the color will still be used in its collection to illustrate the passion of the new generation, and stay the main theme in one of the series.

While women's wear pays more attention to color and style, menswear tends to reflect lifestyle trends. Edenbo's subway theme tries to promote a low-carbon lifestyle, which is why it uses a lot of eco-friendly material in this collection.

Yang Ziming, the man behind China's top menswear line Cabbeen, is busy preparing the accessories and interviewing models for the catwalk, but still sent us two sketches of his latest "Natural Selection".

Many of his designs are inspired of birds, fish and "monsters", while black skin-tight jeans and leggings are used to showcase the lithe, slinky bodies of Asian men.

In one design, Yang makes an overcoat that resembles an insect's exo-skeleton, which he says takes inspiration from Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis.

French fashion designer Daniel Faret, currently with Fujian-based brand Septwolves, will display his "Urban Bohemian" collection. It borrows ideas from Baroque architecture's direct, simple lines that are at the same time obvious and bold, with a lot of drama.

Septwolves' runway at D Park will be decorated like a grand theater, with giant purple curtains and dimmed lights.

Fu Zhenggang, the first Chinese male model to walk the walk on a foreign runway, will be working the most important shows in the coming Fashion Week, including those by Cabbeen, Edenbo and Septwolves.

"This year, the men's collection will see a combination of casual and formal styles. The Chinese brands will definitely be showing more style," Fu says.

China International Fashion Week 2011/2012 fall/winter starts on March 24 and will finish on March 31. The event will feature 29 shows, seven competitions and 15 seminars in D Park, Beijing Hotel, Shin Kong Place, World Trade Center and Central Academy of Fine Arts. Forty labels, 10 stylists, 20 designers and more than 300 models will be taking part.


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