Hollywood looks east

Updated: 2013-05-03 01:53

By Liu Wei (China Daily)

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Hollywood looks east

Keanu Reeves joins the festival to promote his movie Man of Tai Chi. Photo by Jiang Dong / China Daily

Aside from finding a China-friendly storyline, production companies must also find a capable local partner who understands local authorities and audiences and can help Hollywood studios better access the market.

Although there is no rating system, China's authorities examine films' plots before allowing them to be released in theaters. Concerns are mainly focused on gratuitous sex and violence, but there can be other reasons a film is withheld.

Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained was withdrawn from theaters on its opening day on April 11, for what authorities euphemistically described as "technical reasons".

The China Movie Channel, backed by the State Film Bureau, is believed to be a helpful partner for Hollywood studios.

"We will definitely give useful suggestions to ensure a film has a good launch in China," says Liang of M1905.com. "This is the foundation of our cooperation."

"Their background certainly does not hurt," says Marc Ganis of Jiaflix, the company that has been acting as a go-between for Paramount and the China Movie Channel on Transformers 4.

The China Movie Channel can also help Paramount to secure shooting locations.