Designers cash in on celebrity babies

Updated: 2014-12-01 05:15

By Matt Hodges and Yu Ran(Shanghai Star)

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Designers cash in on celebrity babies

Catwalk child star: Angela Wang who gained fame in a reality show walks down the stage of Fall 2014 Ralph Lauren Children's Runway Show on May in New York. Photo provided to Shanghai Star


But some, like Zhou, caution against introducing notions of 'status' into children's lives at such a young age. "It can have a negative impact on their growth," he warns.

Ironically, luxury-obsessed local shoppers may not be the kids-clothing retailers' next generation of cash cows.

"Most of our customers come from other wealthy Chinese cities," says the Bonpoint clerk.

Chinese now spend over three times as much abroad as they do at home on luxury goods, according to Gain & Company. Moreover, the people of Shanghai are known for their deal-loving dispositions.

"I fly overseas every month to go shopping – Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore – and since having my son I've found that luxury kids' items are also cheaper and offer a wider selection outside China," says local shopper Fang.

"I know the clothes won't last very long, but it's worth it so my boy can wear them, take some photos, and have some nice memories to look back on when he grows up."

Not everyone heralds the Chinese market for luxury kids' fashion as being the next big thing.

"I wouldn't say this is a particularly important trend that I've picked up on, but it's an interesting one," says Rupert Hoogewerf, publisher of the Hurun Report and its annual China Rich List.

"What we have noticed is these education advisors in places like Guangzhou who are charging parents a small fortune to prime kids before the age of six to attend the best schools as they churn out future Xi Jinpings and Barack Obamas."


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