HK singer-actress Mok takes fans on global journey

Updated: 2015-04-15 04:27

By Chen Nan(

HK singer-actress Mok takes fans on global journey

Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok is taking her fans on a global journey with a photography exhibition that shares more than 200 photos she took during a trip with her husband, Johannes Natterer. Photo provided to

Mok, who celebrated her 20-year anniversary of entering the showbiz in 2013, in Hong Kong, released her latest Mandarin album Departures in December 2014.

Mok said she planned the album and the trip with her husband at the same time around a year ago. The album, as she describes, expresses her personal stories of being flying frequently around the world for work.

The singer-actress, who broke into the entertainment scene in Hong Kong after graduating from University of London in 1990, is known for her rebellious and experimental style. She once shaved her head and sang songs that didn't cater to the mainstream market at that time.