Yunnan's plan a gateway to more visitors to southwest

Updated: 2011-07-15 11:41

By Li Yingqing (China Daily)

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KUNMING - Yunnan province sees new opportunities for its economic and social development now that the State Council has approved the provincial Gateway Project as part of its national strategy.

Qin Guangrong, Yunnan's governor, explained that the Gateway Project aims to build Yunnan into an international thoroughfare, a showcase of Chinese culture, a platform for economic and trade cooperation, a manufacturing and processing base and an ecological haven in Southwest China.

Yunnan's plan a gateway to more visitors to southwest

"This is a golden opportunity for Yunnan's tourism industry. Yunnan will take advantage of the Gateway Project to internationalize its tourism and build popular tourist destinations for Southeast Asia and the rest of the world," Qin said. "It will enrich tourism, by making use of airlines and tourist channels to neighboring countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America."

Yunnan, rich with tourism resources and diversified ethnic cultures, has always been a hot spot for tourists. Lijiang, Dali, Xishuangbanna and Shangri-la are all popular destinations.

In 2010, the province raked in 100.68 billion yuan ($15.57 billion) in tourism revenue, a 24.2 percent increase from the previous year, according to the province's bureau of statistics. Of the total revenue, $1.32 billion came from the 6.63 million people who traveled from overseas to visit Yunnan.

"The Gateway Project is expected to change Yunnan and other provinces from peripheral border areas to the forefront of development, which will bring vitality to a new round of progress for ethnic regions in the southwest."

Qin said that transport is an important part of the Gateway Project. During the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), the provincial government will rely on a national highway construction plan to improve links with inland cities, coastal cities and South Asia.

By 2020, the government is expected to complete work on superhighways in Yunnan and roads to cities, prefectures and tourism sites in Yunnan.

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