2011 Top 10 Chinese Brands

Updated: 2012-05-01 08:11

(China Daily)

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Moutai: China's top liquor brand and considered the national spirit of China. Its history can be traced back to the Han dynasty. Made by China Kweichow Moutai Distiller Co Ltd.

Wuliangye: Considered the second-best liquor brand following Moutai and has a history of more than 600 years. Made by Wuliangye Group Co Ltd in Yibin, Sichuan province.

Yue-Sai: A cosmetic brand established in 1992 by Yue-Sai Kan - a former TV program host. The brand was purchased by L'Oreal Group, one of the world's largest cosmetic and beauty companies, in 2004.

Zhonghua: A cigarette brand established in 1951 and supplied only to political leaders during its first 20 years. Made by Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Corp.

Lan: A jewelry brand founded by Yang Lan, a famous Chinese TV host, and singer Celine Dion in 2009.

NE-TIGER: A clothing brand established in 1992 which concentrates on high-end dresses and uses unique Chinese clothing techniques, including embroidery.

Zhuyeqing: A type of green tea produced in Emei Mountain, Sichuan province. Its products cost between 500 yuan ($79.30) and 5,000 yuan per 500 grams. The brand is owned by Sichuan Emeishan Zhuyeqing Tea Industry Co Ltd.

Langjiu: A liquor made using the same source of water as its rival Moutai and has more than 100 years of history. The brand is registered by Sichuan Langjiu Group Co Ltd.

Shanghai Tang: A clothing brand that was founded in 1994 in Hong Kong and is famous for its modern qipao and Chinese-style clothing. The brand was sold to Richemont Group in 2000.

Shanghai Vive: A cosmetic brand established in Shanghai in 1903. The product was popular among Chinese women and was well-known internationally in the 1930s. Shanghai Jahwa United Company Ltd relaunched the brand in 2010.

Source: Research Center for Luxury Goods and Services at University of International Business and Economics