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Updated: 2013-01-03 07:58

(China Daily)

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How people see Li Dabin, a male maternity matron

It's his personal choice and quite understandable. As for me, I will never take up such a job or hire a male nanny.

Wang Xingyun, male, 30, social science researcher

I don't mind a man working as a maternity matron as long as he can do a good job. Men and women are equal in the workplace, and the ones who can do the best work should be hired.

Zhang Wei, male, 24, dancer

I cannot accept a male nanny cannot even understand the idea. There will be so many problems.

Li Yingna, female, 36, librarian

Times have changed. Maybe we should learn to adapt to the new trend. But we really need more time to accept a male nanny taking care of babies and new mothers.

Chen Ping, female, 46, office worker

(China Daily 01/03/2013 page8)