Job security is what most people seek

Updated: 2015-04-23 08:32

(China Daily)

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SICHUAN UNIVERSITY in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, is seeking doctorate-degree holders (or those studying for a master's degreee in public security or firefighting) to work as its campus security guards. Comments:

Having people with doctorates in the security department of the university may help it improve its system to solve some long-lasting security issues on campus. They can become the brains of the school's security department. Hopefully, they will let the students feel their bicycles are safe and they can leave their laptops in the classroom without asking their friends to look after them while they use the restroom.

Yangtze Daily, April 22

The depreciation of academic degrees in this way is a shame for the university and society. Such employment will reduce the number of applicants, and the job market will be monopolized by holders of higher degrees. Such employment distorts the true meaning of academic degrees and diploma education.

Xi'an Evening, April 22

The poor quality of higher education in China makes the employers raise the degree requirement in their recruitment advertisements in a bid to find qualified people. So society respects academic degrees and knowledge, the universities should make the degree holders knowledgeable and constantly seek to improve the quality of higher education., April 22

Jobs are no different in terms of nobility. Academic degree holders have the freedom to become a security guard, a scientist or a worker. So long they like their jobs and are happy, it does not matter if their jobs aren't relevant to their studies. It is increasingly common that sanitation departments in cities are looking for people with a master's degree or even PhD to work as dustmen. Job stability, which is mostly found in jobs paid with government revenue, is what the well-educated job hunters are looking for., April 22

(China Daily USA 04/23/2015 page11)