Top 10 WAGs of 2014 World Cup

Updated: 2014-07-08 06:29


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The World Cup is one the most important sports events in 2014, attracting billions of fans around the whole world. The professional players show their excellent skills and astonishing strength on the football field while their gorgeous wives and girlfriends (WAGs) attract huge attention with their unique charm.

These wives and girlfriends are very charming and have attracted the attention of both the media and the public. Some are gorgeous super models. Some are famous singers and actress with outstanding achievements in their career. Others are good wives that go with their kids to support their husbands.

Check out the hottest 10 wives and girlfriends of the 2014 World Cup.

No. 10: Han Hye Jin

Top 10 WAGs of 2014 World Cup

Han Hye Jin []

Han Hye Jin is a famous actress in South Korea and gained international fame in Asia due to her excellent performances in TV series "Be Strong, Geum-soon!" After that, she starred in several popular dramas and films including the historical epics "Jumong", "26 Years" and "Man in Love." On July 1, 2013, she married Ki Sung-yueng, a South Korean midfielder. Although she is not as sexy as the models on the list, her warm smile and angelic face have won her a large number of fans in Asia.

Top 10 WAGs of 2014 World Cup Top 10 WAGs of 2014 World Cup
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