World Cup for an abdominal workout

Updated: 2014-08-01 09:55

By Tiffany Tan (China Daily)

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World Cup for an abdominal workout

Take off your clothes to make it in TV

World Cup for an abdominal workout

Snapshots from ChinaJoy 2014

What is so appealing about planking? I detest running, but I'll take 20 minutes of it over even three minutes of the punishing ab exercise.

"It's supposed to make you lose weight fast," says Lei Xiaoxun, a page editor at the newspaper, who discovered the exercise when he saw another colleague doing it. "I sweat a lot whenever I do it."

According to Hood, Chinese people are drawn to it because the root of planking is "deeply invested in yoga and Buddhist culture". Media reports have quoted him as saying: "They respect the true meaning of the plank and the energy that can be generated."

Underneath the burning pain and dripping sweat also lies a modicum of fun. Lei's 3-year-old son started planking while watching his father work out. After four months of doing the exercise twice a week, Lei has taken a break, but his son hasn't.

The boy set a personal record of 2:46 the first time he tried the exercise, which is probably a better time than that of some participants at the Plank World Cup. I know it puts my own record to shame.


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